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specials on monitoring software PageGate
Integrate messaging and paging functionality into existing applications. Add an additional level of notification, so that critical alerts reach individuals in a timely fashion minimizing response time.
NotePage has a flexible integration partner program, and numerous integration options available, rarely are code changes needed, simply pass messages to PageGate via commandline or set PageGate to poll a directory for messages.
Special Details: Integration partners will receive free exposure on a number of ancillary sites along with a mention in NotePage news!
NotePage, Inc.
$ 150-1,500.00


specials on monitoring software Web Position Gold
Monitor search engine ranking. A top 10 ranking in a major search engine like AltaVista, Lycos, or Google will often generate more targeted traffic than an expensive banner advertising campaign - and, a good search engine position is like highly targeted advertising.
Paessler Software
$ varies


specials on monitoring software Keylog Pro
Secretly record chats, emails, instant messages, keystrokes, Hotmail, AOL emails, Yahoo! chat and AOL chat with KeyLog Spy Software.
Kaboo Networks
$ 19.95

specials on monitoring software Iopus Internet Monitor Pro
provides around the clock web site monitoring of a URL, IP address or web page, where you set the monitoring frequency that works for you, from once a second to once a day. WebWatchBot also provides effective alerts that can notify you via email, on-screen display, audible alarm, or by executing an external program. The customizable reporting functionality helps clarify the detailed information WebWatchBot collects.
$ 69.95

specials on monitoring software CyberScrub
Military grade file deletion software. Delete does not mean erase. "Previously deleted" files can be easily recovered. Use CyberScrub™ to prevent file recovery and remove sensitive data such as tax returns, financial statements, passwords, health records, email and all evidence of your online activity.
Every picture and image you view is stored on your computer. This important data could be retrieved by an unauthorized source and compromise security, for which you could be held accountable.
$ 59-69.95



monitoring software

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