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monitoring software

Montoring Software Newsletter

Monitoring Software News - Welcome to Monitoring Software News

This issue of Monitoring Software news focusses on the top selling software and some monitoring software industry news.

Top Selling Software

Email Monitoring

Advanced Email Parser allows for email messages to be parsed based on rules and filters. Urgent and critical messages can be flagged or distributed based on predefined criteria. Advanced Email Parser - more info

Privacy Monitoring issues

Do you want to know what other people type on your computer when you are away? If you are concerned about the sites your child might be visiting consider:
KeyLog Pro - more info

Featured Software

Realtime Spy - The latest in high-tech surveillance software that allows you to remotely install the monitoring systemand access the activity logs from anywhere at any time via your own personal Realtime-Spy Webspace! No remembering long IP addresses or directly connecting to the remote PC - all you have to do is point you browser to your personal webspace address to view logs from any machines you deploy Realtime-Spy on!
Realtime Spy - more info

Iopus Starr - Effective security on computers can save a computer user thousands of dollars every year. This stealth-monitoring utility provides the PCs equivalent of the security camera (and much more), increasing security dramatically, whilst causing no disruption to working practices or draining network resources.
Iopus Starr - more info

Network Monitoring Software

Centralized Network Supervision and Monitoring. NetVizor allows you to monitor user activities anywhere on your network - in realtime.
NetVizor - more info

Integrated Monitoring

Send critical alerts to pagers or cell phones. If you have an application that would benefit by adding paging, SMS or messaging capabilities consider using software from NotePage. Integration with NotePage's product line is very simple and rarely requires any coding changes.
NotePage, Inc. - more info

News: IPSentry Update

Now, you can monitor the temperature at locations requiring critical temperature levels around the world from a centralized location with IPSentry and the TempTrax Model E.
more info

News: Monitor and Watch what people do on a PC, LAN (Local Area Network) and via the Internet, Live.

e-Surveiller is a scaleable, easy to use and yet powerful monitoring software package that empowers users to monitor what happens on their computers. It allows the user to watch the screen of the monitored computer and it sends activity reports of what went on when the user was not around to watch.
more info

Cool New Monitoring News Portal

SC Infosecurity News - on-line news service is backed by SC Magazine, the largest circulation information security magazine. I The news service gathers information globally through a network of correspondents and over 200 news services. Key links associated with the news direct you to further sources of information relevant to the news item being reported.
more info


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