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Top Selling Software:

This month's top selling software is from Iopus. Iopus specializes in Internet and security solutions. The suite of Iopus products include access monitoring, password recovery and macro software.
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News: PortsLock - An Easy-To-Use Solution That Fully Protects Corporate Networks Against Attacks From the Inside!

SmartLine, Inc. has released a unique security solution on the marketing that enables Systems Administrators to set permissions on the TCP/IP connections exactly as they can for files and folders on NTFS partitions. Preventing the introduction of inappropriate data is important when trying to protect and administer a company's computer network.
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News: Xelerate - Total PC Control with Stealth Security!

For parents, spyPC puts the control handle back into their hands. Kids are very smart on the PC, and many times surpass the simple surf control software out there. SpyPC not only offers rigorous access control to the Internet, it also effectively restricts access to certain parts of the PC. With its stealth surveillance functions, it is easy to see what a child really does on the computer. The software logs all keystrokes in chat rooms, creates secret screen shots and restricts what applications are used.
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News: Servers Alive - Woodstone Releases Network Monitoring Powerhouse

Woodstone has released Servers Alive version 3.3, a full-featured network monitoring program for the Windows platform. Servers Alive can monitor any Winsock service, MMS streams, ping a host, and check if an NT service or process is running. It can retrieve an url, check your database, and report on available disk space.
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A Higher Level of Notification

Add another level of notification to your monitoring solution. PageGate can easily be integrated into existing monitoring applications to add another level of notification. No coding is necessary, PageGate's flexible design allows for commandline paging or for the scanning of a predetermined file for text messages. Alerts can immediately be sent to cellular phones and pagers increasing response times!
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Latest Security News & Headlines

Top Ten Web Application Vulnerabilities
Multiple New Security Vulnerabilities in SSH
Remote Compromise, DoS Holes in MySQL
Governments Flunk Security Tests
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