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Montoring Software Newsletter

Monitoring Software News - Welcome to monitoring software news. This newsletter will feature monitoring applications, mention compatibility issues, announce new releases, discuss privacy related issues, reference examples of how companies are effectively using monitoring software as a tool.

For obvious reasons monitoring is a hot topic, with all size businesses. Small Internet businesses may rely on monitoring software to monitor site accessability; with the computer reliance of most businesses, being down often means losing money. Large companies may use monitoring software to track software licenses and confirm licensing compliance. To not do so, could mean, a potential piracy lawsuit or damaged reputation for improperly licensed software.

Privacy Monitoring

Do you want to know what other people type on your computer when you are away? If you are concerned about the sites your child might be visiting consider:
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Network Monitoring Software

Centralized network supervision and monitoring. Netvizor allows you to monitor user activities anyshere on your network - in realtime.
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Internet Monitoring

There are a number of aspects relating to Internet monitoring one of the populuar featured applications is 1-2-3 Log Analyzer.
1-2-3 Log Analyzer monitors web traffic and analyzes log files giving you a clear picture of where your traffic comes from.
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Security is always an issue take a look at InternetALERT it takes security to another level. InternetALERT is more than just protection against Internet Intruder's, it allows you track down your Intruder's ISP (Internet Service Provider) contact information and report the attack. This allows you to contact the Intruder's ISP and make them aware that someone on their network has tried to attack your computer.
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Latest Security News & Headlines

DDoS Attack Targets Root Name Servers
Nine New Vulnerabilities Affect IE 5.5, 6.0
Denial of Service Vulnerability in Windows RPC
Multiple Holes in Symantec Firewalls
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